Rhythm Doctors  
The Rhythm Doctors are a Bay Area, CA based four piece band that will cure what ails you with their smooth mix of rock and blues. Founded in 1997, by James Cooper and Philip Mignaud, the ferocious harp playing of Erik Eisen and strong bass of Michael Husser were a great addition to the band in 1999. The band released their debut album "Blues To Heal The Soul" in the summer of 2001. They have performed at many venues, including Ashkenaz, Jupiter, Club Muse, Street Vibrations Festival in Reno, NV, and Bread & Roses events.

The Rhythm Doctors are a great party band, with a solid rhythm section, heartfelt lyrics, and interesting musical arrangements. The influences of many different styles run through their music, resulting in a most efficacious elixir specially formulated for maximum dancibility.

Founder and lead guitarist and vocalist Philip "Reverend Doctor" Mignaud was born in Britain and performed on National Radio at age 14. He made numerous TV, radio, and album appearances. He imigrated to North Carolina in 1987, and became Lead Guitarist/ Vocalist with "Tone Deaf James & The Bedrockers, three time winners of the "Best Blues Band Award" in Charlotte's Creative Loafing magazine, before moving to California in 1996. Co-founding "Rhythm Doctors" early 1997, and later producing their debut album "Blues To Heal The Soul" in 2000.

Drummer and co-founder, James Cooper has been a percussionist for 32 years. Originally from the St. Louis area, he moved to California in 1979. James has been involved in many styles of music, including rock, blues, funk, rhythm & blues, county, and jazz. A drum tech and prodigy for the legendary jazz drummer Donald "Duck" Bailey since 1993. His individual style and influence has been an integral "heart beat" of there unique blues sound.

Michael Husser, bassist for the Rhythm Doctors, has a style that comes from a wide variety of musical experiences. When playing and recording with Buffy St. Marie, he learned all aspects of folk music. As bassist for Little Richard, he learned about Rhythm & Blues and gospel. Playing and recording with Jerry Corbitt of the Youngbloods, Michael refined his skills with country music. On stage with Elvin Bishop, he continued to focus on the blues. Performances with the Shirelles and Coasters taugh t him more about 50's pop and rock. Michael's musical education as a bassist for the last 37 years has resulted in his contribution to the unique sounds of the Rhythm Doctors.

Harmonica player and vocalist Erik Eisen hails from New York City. Exposed to Folk, Blues and Bluegrass at an early age, he decided that his music would expand beyond boundries traditionally associated with the harmonica. His feet have been in multiple musical worlds ever since. He has played rock, blues, country, bluegrass, swing and folk with a variety of bands and partners in New York & The San Francisco Bay Area, where he's lived since 1981. When he joined Rhythm Doctors he knew that their unique approach to music was a perfect fit.

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